The best form of marketing is recommendation
Do your employees share your enthusiasm?
Why do your customers choose you?
What do people say about you?
Your brand is the sum of all parts
Building the brand from the inside out


Ribbon Media is a creative and strategic marketing communications agency, which focuses on building the brand from the inside out



Our service to add brand strength to your business is the most effective way for you to achieve commercial success and stand out from your competitors. A strong brand enables you to sell more easily; it raises your profile, attracts people to you, increases their respect, trust and loyalty and encourages them to recommend you to others



The purpose of creating a brand identity is to aid recognition. Simple, memorable logos, repeated colours, right-fit designs, meaningful images, clever writing, consistent tone of voice and shared values help people to recognise you and what you stand for. Our services draw on these essential principles to create brands that people remember



Our brand communication audits are a useful exercise for every business. This means we can make sure that your messages are consistently clear across every marketing channel you are using. The process pinpoints deficiencies that you may not be aware of and highlights changes that are necessary for you to maximise your brand potential




Most people recognise that there is much more to branding than designing a logo. Your brand lies at the heart of everything you do and the impressions you form in peoples’ minds. From your marketing activities and communication materials, to customer service and employee engagement, our services help you to build your brand from the inside out


It has been wonderful having the support and advice of Christine. Her advice on marketing and branding has been invaluable in helping the school to grow and develop. The “Things are happening at St Joseph’s” advertising campaign increased interest in the school, and she has an eye for detail, which was very evident when producing our new prospectuses. The turnaround of the school, following the successful marketing initiatives and a significant rise in pupil numbers, led the College to receive the TES Independent School of the Year award in 2015.

Andy Colpus, Headmaster, St Joseph’s College

Christine achieved a great deal of high profile press coverage for Royal Holloway and she made a valuable contribution to the development of the College’s brand strategy. She is solution-orientated and always quick to take the initiative. Christine worked well with all levels of the organisation, quickly instilling confidence.

Chris Clark, Head of External Relations, Royal Holloway, University of London

Christine is visionary and strategic with an ability to see issues from a wider perspective and put herself in the position of customers and employees. She has been highly influential in taking all aspects of marketing to the next level. She is constructive, creative and innovative and acts as a catalyst for others to also be creative and innovative in pursuit of progress.

David Truslove, CEO, St Joseph’s College

I wanted to say how very delighted I am with the finished prospectus. I am thrilled with the quality, the photos, the text and the way in which it all fits together. What we have is first class. A special thank you to Christine, for her attention to detail and designer’s eye, and for making all those myriad of decisions which have produced such a ‘high quality product’ – not my words, but those of a parent – and words I echo most strongly.

Grace Hope, Head of Prep School, St Joseph’s College

Christine worked closely with us to create our first brochure to promote TiM’s services. It was a very important project for us and we are delighted with the result. Everybody we have shown the brochure to has said it is fantastic. Its success has been down to a combination of not just Christine’s creativity, but also her patience and ability to listen and work with people in order to achieve the best result.

Brenda Baldwin, TiM (Together in Mission)

Christine from Ribbon Media was commissioned to carry out a ‘mystery shopper’ visit to the school on two Open Days and evaluate the whole experience of a prospective parent. It was incredibly useful to receive objective, candid feedback and we particularly appreciated the format of the feedback and the list of definite action points.

Sue Gutierrez, Marketing Manager, The Abbey School, Reading



Christine Long
Marketing & Communications Consultant

I set up Ribbon Media in 2010 to work independently with businesses, independent schools and charities to help them achieve growth through the improvement of marketing communications.

Much of my work is about getting to the heart of the business and finding solutions to problems that get in the way of success. All of my work is about inspiring confidence, trust and recommendation – inside and outside.

Every business needs to consider these elements:

  • How effectively are you connecting with the people you are trying to influence?
  • Are you confident that your marketing communications fully promote your value?
  • Is your business consistently growing from customer interest and recommendation?
  • Do your employees share your enthusiasm for what you are trying to achieve?

My consultancy centres on enhancing reputation and performance. Whether that’s creating a stronger image, producing compelling designs for print and digital, increasing visibility and impact, improving customer experience or turning employees into brand ambassadors.

Areas of focus:

  • Core values
  • Brand identity
  • Vision & strategy
  • Message consistency
  • Creative design
  • Internal communication
  • External communication
  • Customer service
  • Community
  • PR

The overall objective is to build your brand from the inside out.

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