Blog problems

Blog problems

I’ve had a bit of trouble with my blog posts.

The problem is that I need to write more of them.

There are some past posts, but not enough and way too many gaps. This isn’t deliberate. I’ve just been doing other things – like work projects – and not thinking about blogging.

Excuses, I know. And ironically, most of these work projects relate to corporate communications.

Cobblers with leaky shoes come to mind.

I fully understand the benefits of blog posts. Search engines like blogging, it’s a way of helping people, it builds relationships, it connects potential customers with your brand, and more…

And there’s no shortage of helpful bloggers sharing subject ideas.

So, what are the common problems for bloggers, and what do they need to do to really get going?

Apart from taking on the obvious response, “Just get on with it”, I resolve to research (and react to) the many online tips that will be useful for planning, organising time – and motivation.

As soon as I get time.

Thank you to readers and fellow bloggers. I promise to try harder.


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