Graphic design

Graphic design

Graphic design services can be commissioned for almost any project – brochures, prospectuses, advertising, posters, flyers, leaflets, postcards, websites, internal communications, infographics, signage, business cards and stationery.


The Christian Gift Company distributes large numbers of postcards at exhibitions, sales conferences and any other opportunities which involve customer contact. Printed on good quality card, these can be particularly effective because they don’t take up much space and people tend to hang on to them. You can also say quite a bit about what you do, or promote a particular offer in the space available with pictures and graphics to create more impact.

Marianne often receives comments about her card’s clean, uncluttered appearance. And despite its simplicity, the card manages to include 15 images of their best-selling products and has room for more detail about the company and its aims on the reverse side. Because the A6 card can be produced at a very reasonable cost, it can also be refreshed to feature new products on a frequent basis.


The brochure illustrated was created for TIM (Together in Mission) a Christian charity, which aims to serve the needs of local communities.The overall project involved both rebranding and promotion, to help them to raise their profile.

The initial brief to update their image with a simple, memorable logo that would embody their core values and suit a wide range of applications. The design of the new logo encompassed the essence of TIM with the suggestion of a cross and arches of a church with the cross extending an ‘arm’ around the letter ‘I’ to symbolically represent a person.

The logo was supplied with Brand Guidelines to aid all employees, volunteers and stakeholders to ensure clear understanding, messaging and consistency. The new brochure was created in the year following the rebrand, enabling the charity to more effectively communicate successful outcomes of the charity’s work.


I’ve worked with several schools to help to produce prospectuses, creating designs, commissioning and overseeing photography and end-to-end management of the project, from concept to delivery.

I designed a new prospectus for Reading School to ‘modernise’ their branding and convey the school’s forward-thinking and excellent academic achievement, without losing the importance of its long tradition. Produced as an iPad size, with revised shades of the school colours, uncluttered aesthetics, updated text and new photography, the finished combination worked to meet all their requirements.

Following the production of Reading School’s prospectus, St Joseph’s College asked to have new designs created for their senior and prep schools, to more accurately reflect and promote the College brand, with new layouts, updated copywriting and new photography.

The two prospectuses were produced in different colours, retaining the separate identities of the prep and senior schools, but also creating important links between them.




The “Things are happeningadvertising campaign was created to revitalise interest in the college, following a decade of declining numbers and a period of significant change. The campaign was publicised on local buses, railway stations, regional newspapers and other selected publications, backed by paper mailings to homes and businesses, which detailed the changes that had taken place. The campaign’s success was measurable both with increased public interest and a significant rise in open day attendance and pupil applications for places. It also generated a real buzz throughout the school community, giving staff and pupils a renewed sense of pride in the attention their school was receiving. In 2015 the campaign was selected as a finalist as the TES Marketing and Communications Initiative of the Year, and the school won TES Independent School of the Year.