I didn’t used to have a dedicated page for websites, but people keep asking me to produce them so I figured it was time.

I’ve been working with people to improve, rebrand and refresh websites for a good while now, and have also been commissioned to oversee large projects – contributing design ideas, mapping suggestions, photo inclusion and copywriting.

Whether creating a completely new website or refreshing an existing site, I can help with design concepts, planning, branding and content, to bring everything together and effectively encapsulate your brand.

Website development is carried out with the help of tried and tested web designers/builders, who I know we can rely upon and produce something to be proud of. Supported by hosting facilities, website training and SEO expertise.

I am currently working on rebranding and the design/production of two new websites: for a health and safety construction company in London and a nationwide charitable group. I look forward to sharing the finished products when they’re all done.


We are delighted with the launch of The Connexion’s newly branded and freshly designed website, which has already received very positive feedback.

Their existing website, though functional had become outdated over the years and had limited capacity to meet their plans for growth and development.

Working closely with the Trustees of The Connexion, our shared aim was to create a new responsive website that would be a useful and enjoyable communication channel, attracting visitors from inside and outside of their community. The site not only enables them to provide valuable information about The Connexion’s history and values, it is also a centre for church guidance resource materials and an ideal platform to showcase their conferences and the many activities, missions and outreach programmes undertaken by member churches.

Their new branding as The Connexion was designed to simplify the full title of The Countess of Huntingdon’s Connexion, creating a sharper and more modern look that encompasses its Christian purpose with a distinctive slanted cross.

Please take an opportunity to visit the new site at


EU Olive Oil’s website has been up and running for a couple of years now, and has worked well for them. Their aspiration was to rebrand and create a website that would fit with their growing aspirations as suppliers and producers of some of the finest quality products that Greece has to offer. The main business is focused around olive oil and they have now been recognised as experts in this field, with their olive oil brand, Acropolis, winning the Top 5 Best brands of the Year 2016-2017 for oils and vinegars.