Branding & logos

Branding & logos

Whether creating branding for a new business or refreshing the image of an existing business, it is important to ensure that all of your presentation incorporates the essence of your business – from your logo to your car park.

It’s the sure way to add brand strength to your business, achieve commercial success – and stand out from your competitors. It is proven that a strong brand enables you to sell more easily, because it raises your profile, attracts people to you and encourages them to recommend you to others.


Brand communication audits are really useful. They help you to make sure that your messages are consistent and impactful across every marketing channel you are using, and they can pinpoint deficiencies that you may not be aware of – which unbeknown to you are hampering progress.


Your brand lies at the heart of everything you do and the impressions you form in peoples’ minds. From every marketing activity and act of communication, to your customer service and employee opinion. Building the brand from the inside out starts at the core of the business and works its way out to the people you want to reach.


I love designing logos. So much, that sometimes I create designs just for the fun of it! (sad admission). The key point with designing a logo is that its purpose is to act as a tool which supports recognition of your brand. Simple works best: note, the logos you will remember are rarely complicated. And less is definitely more – rather than being a panorama of design possibilities, it needs to fit the business it represents.

When considering a logo, also make sure it’s flexible to the varying needs of your marketing. For example, you may want to print it onto promotional items of varying shapes and sizes, sometimes it may need to be converted to black and white, and don’t forget to check what it looks like upside down? – I’ve heard a few horror stories on that subject!

Down below are a few of the logos I’ve created for people with thoughts behind the designs.


TiM is a Christian charity, which aims to serve the needs of the local community. In rebranding the charity was seeking to update their image with a simple, memorable logo that would embody their core values and suit a wide range of applications. The design of the new logo encompasses TiM (Together in Mission) with the suggestion of a cross and arches of a church with the cross extending an arm around the letter ‘i’ to represent a person.


David Perry Media helps clients to develop video as an effective marketing tool and to aid business communications. As a result of growth, the company reached a stage where it was right to revisit their branding and create an image more suited to where the business is today. The new logo needed to work effectively on the company’s website, in print publications and also training and events materials. the inclusion of the subtle ‘film strip’ within the logo makes the suggestion of film and also provides flexibility to use independently as a recognisable icon. The logo can also easily be adapted to black and white.


This logo for Kevin Standage Photography was produced in two ways. White on black and black on white, so that it can merge with the background. The version you are looking at is black on white – you can see the square edges here, but when it is slotted onto a black background they disappear. The white one does the same thing in reverse.

What’s key for Kevin is the flexibility of use. He needs to be able to print his logo onto business cards, use it on his website and blog, and also feature it on packing tubes which he uses to distribute the large-scale prints he sells. We opted for KS Photography in black and white to keep the overall design simple and compact.


Rightway was set up as a small charity with the aim of rectifying a shortfall that exists in providing daily care for the elderly and people with special needs. Focusing on a service that meets these needs in the right way. The logo was designed to encapsulate the sense of moving forward with leaning text, incorporating a right ‘tick’ with the suggestion of a ‘head’ to symbolise its link with people.


The Christian Gift Company is an e-commerce business selling gifts for family, friends and the home with a Christian emphasis. The logo and colours were designed to communicate the gift theme with the inclusion of a cross in a simple way. The logo has worked well for the website and promotional materials and the colours make it easy to recognise. It has also been produced in silver embossed onto the lids of jewellery gift boxes.

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